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We love the holistic health and wellness of women. Our Premium, Luxury healthy & wellness lifestyle company based in Miami Beach, Florida was formed not only to provide natural, healthy supplements that support their health and wellness, but we want to educate you too with our beautiful magazine and monthly podcasts. 

Join our family of empowered women and learn how to navigate the stress of today’s world. We have exciting plans for our community. Stay involved and empowered. We’ll continue to support you on your health and wellness journey! 


Calm your mind with L-Theanine. When your thoughts Are in overdrive from stress, anxiety, or even excitement, your mind can’t relax, neither can your Body, (no matter how exhausted you feel). L-Theanine, Promotes a relaxing effect on the mind, which Promotes better sleep and it’s a natural anti Depressant.

Feeling Fabulous After a Good Night’s Sleep with Sleepy Time!


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